Tuesday, April 1, 2008

And here i was thinking about how i hadn't updated my blog in such a long time. Now i see it's only been about eight days. Time does not fly when you're giving an exam and you know nothing. Which is what has been going on with me since last tuesday.

I literally do not know anything.

It's just sad now. I haven't been studying, at all, although i've had time to. But still. I insist on acting like procrastinator extraordinairre, knowing full well about how i will be, to say it rudely, fucked in the ass if i mess up the Os. Somehow i don't feel bothered enough. Or it could just be the fact that i'm lazy and i manage to come up with excuses for everything.

oh well.

Another ramble in the self-obsessed Life of Jaahil.

shove over pi, its my turn now.

Oh well, atleast someone appreciates my self obsession. <3

And, i am extremely proud of myself, for making a group. On facebook. Dedicated to squeaky.



and pmsed.