Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I was supposed to be in school right now....

except that, I texted my friend in the morning asking if she could pick me up. She said okay. I went back to sleep, because we have a 9:50 am class and I thought she'd come at 9:50. Next thing I know, I get a text at 8:30 telling me to come downstairs. I asked her why. She said "Because I'm downstairs, jackass."
I told her I wasn't ready, because I wasn't. (Which sounds like she asked me to marry her and I told her I wasn't prepared to get into something serious at this point in time, but let's not get into that...)
And that, is why I'm at home and not at school. Fun taymez.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Hello p33pz.
Now, to clear a few things up:

I will make no apologies for what I say on this blog, and how I choose to say it. If you disagree, or do not like what I've said, please do hesitate to contact me over it, because I try my best not to offend anyone with what I say. And if I ever do, well, it's probably something I won't regret. So if you're a follower of this blog, or a silent reader, or whatever, and you have an issue with what's on it- I suggest you stop following and reading, rather than taking offense at what I say. Because it's hardly ever some personal vendetta I have against you; My life is much, much bigger than that. And yes, I am aware that quite a few people feel I am a "stuck up bitch"- I will not apologize for that either.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

The disturbing things I get to hear.

Lailaa- says:
Hitler the cat is not only a Nazi, but a pedophile and a rapist as well.
Sanaa~ says:
Lailaa- says:
Durrie didnt want to neuter Hitler, because that would be robbing him of his manhood, but I dont see how robbing poor little Juliet of her childhood is any better. =(
Sanaa~ says:
I know
She is a baby!
She was on heat, and she didnt even know what was going on in her body.
Sanaa~ says:

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pedophilia is the new Sex

For anyone who remembers angsty, angry Jaahil ranting about something or the other on her blog, get some cake and take a seat. And don't forget to tell your friends.
For anyone who stumbled across this post through Google, no, it doesn't consist of little-girl-porn. And now, Ladies (and Gentleman), I present to you:

The New Sex. 

A few days ago I was feeling sickened by the way a (now ex) friend spoke in a disgustingly derogatory fashion about his girlfriend, a child by my standards. I remember how stupid I was at 16 over the boy I was in "love" with. I also recall how he declared me to be a whore to all and sundry, after he broke my heart and caused me a lot of misery. In retrospect, I can now laugh at some aspects of it, but I'm still quite sensitive about it. 
And so, I take it very personally when I see apparently mature young men call girls sluts, whores, desperate, or anything else of that sort. Bitching about a girl who's in love with you, about how she's throwing herself all over you, about how she's a desperate hoe, about how she totally wants some- it's not cool, and the fact that you've been blessed with a penis in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan doesn't mean it's a God given right of judgment you can exercise over any female. I know about things people say about me, I know there are people who will label me to be a slut/whore and a variety of other pleasant titles I may have been given because of merely the fact that have been seen with a cigarette in my hand. I know one of my cousins thinks I have a "loose" character. I don't even know what that means. Point being, most Pakistani men, as a breed, need to get over themselves.

But there's more.
Here I was, ranting about all of the above, when the mother of all amusing/sad/disturbing/disgusting examples hit me in the face.
My mum's a lawyer, and these neighbors brought a problem to her. It consisted of a woman blackmailing neighbor aunty's poor, innocent husband, threatening to get him picked up and shot if he didn't marry her. Except that, the husband wasn't a scapegoat, and the whore in question was a 17 year old. He'd been having an affair with her for a year, and decided that since he'd fucked her enough, he'd just very conveniently end it because she was getting clingy. Just by the way, he's 39 years old, and has four children. His wife is a housewife- she's a nice woman, not very educated, simple and concerned with bringing up her kids. And now, trying to save her marriage and her husband. I don't understand why anyone would want to stay with, let alone save, a disgusting scumbag like that but I guess people have their weaknesses, and the father of your children counts as a big one.

Oh, and his grounds for screwing and leaving the girl are that “ she has a bad character”. And you, Mister, are Jesus, I take it? The amusing bit is, he’s scared shitless that shes going to get him picked up and murdered. I say, way to go girl. In fact, if my mother would let me into the drawing room, I’d put on Bad Romance as background music. So very apt. 

She wants your love,
love love love,
she wants your love.

So uncle, how does it feel like to be caught in a bad romance?