Friday, January 30, 2009


Damn my stupid sleeping patterns.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Birthday Girl.

BEST birthday I've had in YEARS. In fact, best birthday since I became a teenager. I attribute it to the presence of awesome friends, and a lack of boyfriends which = perfect recipe for a non-disasterous scene. Boyfriends are lethal. Really. How I've wasted my previous birthdays crying over someone who was, frankly, not worth it. Maybe I am finally growing up, and as Zh said it may just be the *beggining of the better years of life*. Let's hope so.

Went to school in the morning after a fortnight. Had my friends running at me squealing and hugging me. Got Andy the stuffed turtle to err...*make out* with me. And no, it was not something I chose to do. It was PR and her insanity. Anyhoo. Then Asad K turned up with my balloons, and I was so happy. Silver, pink and blue ones. And those were tied to my bag and I roamed around like that for the rest of the day, with random people wishing me happy birthday. I even got to skip a history test haha.

And then, I got home. And Ataka and Mario turned up with cake and Moti the turtle, and we had a mini party with much laughing. <3

So it wasn't my 18th birthday bash, but for someone who's had 5 years of miserable birthdays, it was more than I could've asked for. =)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Haha, I took a personality test, and my emotional stability came to 10%.
Oh hot dayemm. =P

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Nicole Atkins is love.

Discovered her on AXN. If you've heard her, awesome. If you haven't, I suggest you download NOW.

She has a very classy retro feel to her music, but its not Amy Winehouse Retro. It's more mature, more elegant somehow. And shes got an awesome voice<3

I fell in love with The Way It Is.
I am permanently jinxed. I am sure of it now.

No job.
No money.
Sad life.



Saturday, January 17, 2009


*throws tantrum*

Thursday, January 15, 2009

So I've been really ill, and yesterday I thought I was going to die. Hence, I was taken to the hospital and given one of those drip thingies ( And I HATE needles). Anyhoo, after that was done, I came back and spent about...well the whole day and the whole night in bed. Today, I have to go for a blood tests and God knows how much I hate THOSE things. Last time I got one, that idiotic man couldn't find my vein and kept on jabbing the needle into my arm and let me tell you, it was not pleasant. The doctors are making all sorts of nice predictions. One says it could be jaundice. Another says it could be typhoid. And another one says it could be malaria.

I'm hoping it's neither. I hate missing school.

I even missed my play auditions=(

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I've learnt that, it pays to save funny bits from MSN conversations that you've had. Or Facebook chats. It can make your day.
Some examples:

Me: Dude, no one messages me. I should like frandship people and be like "HERE HAVE MY NUMBER PLEASE MUJHE MESSAGE KARNA". I think I might just be that sad one of these days...

Meh Meh: You know...this chick did that to me in the washroom of a restaurant.. I was like =S=S=S=S

Me: Or maybe not........
From Ataka and my conversations:

Sanaa~ says:
*tries to ignore the fact that she is the BLACK hugger*
Sanaa~ says:
i am not a racist.
Sanaa~ says:
Bring the coffee, toffee. says:
msn is
Sanaa~ says:
yes exactly
Sanaa~ says:
i mean
Sanaa~ says:
we cant go
Sanaa~ says:
*two of the green msn hug smileys*
Sanaa~ says:
Sanaa~ says:
Sanaa~ says:
Bring the coffee, toffee. says:

i watched the last king of scotland on star movies and loved it so i bought it


and i put it on for my thirteen year old cousin
and DUDE
star movies had censored out the sex parts and I didn't even know that!:O:O

After I put this on my quotes:



i must have said much better things worthy of facebook


Mani says:
why you speak like asian person with no articles in sentence?
Mani says:
Sanaa~ says:
because we asian people who not know about articles in sentencing.
Mani says:
you shithead. go school. learn something. use articles in sentence.
Sanaa~ says:
no thenks. i'm kh3wlz. and asian. yeah huh.


And a batchmate:

u no smoking is more disgusting than anything else
u shud stop

hahah why

becaus u get lun cancerr


To think of all the stuff I have not saved=(

Friday, January 9, 2009

A, B in history.
B, A in Literature.
D, E in Sociology.

I really, really hate socio.
But not in as much trouble as I though I was. So yay.