Thursday, March 25, 2010

I love how I'm *this* close to either getting it all, or losing it. That's all it takes. A tiny bit, a precarious balance. I could make it, or I could lose my footing and fall.
It. Is. Pretty. Much. Killing. Me. Now.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fail therapist.

I know how I feel stupid.
Hai Sana. You'd make a FAIL therapist.
What is it?
therapist comment=p
Its true!!
You're a jackass!!!

Moral of the story: Don't ask me love life advice.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Aaloo huun mein.

Every single time I go on a diet my mum thinks I'm trying to kill myself. Therefore, every single time I go on a diet, my mum tries to force feed me. One of her favourite devices to use is emotional blackmail. Another one is telling me how all my hair and teeth are going to fall out, and so on. And now, this just happened:

Mum: Baita, what are you going to eat for dinner?
Me: Nothing.
Me: Nai, just fat.
Mum: Lekin I'm putting aaloo in the rice! You like aaloo!
Me: Not when I resemble one. =\
Mum: Dekhna, agar nai khao gee tou baal girna shuroo hojayein ge.... Exams ke liye bhi nai parh sako gee..phir kya hoga....
Me: *voice in head starts humming*


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Post shifted to here.

It felt strange without this, like something was missing.
I miss my escapism.
So, ladies and gentlemen, here it is, and here I am.

Friday, March 5, 2010


My PC crashed.
Yes, again.
Now you can all just point at me and laugh, it IS that funny, no?

Good news: I'm in the library and this is boox sex and I'm pretty happy.

Better news: I can swim. I mean, I didn't just learn how to. I used to be kickass till about 6th grade. Winning stuff. My mum used to time me with a stopwatch. And then I turned into a lazy lump of fatness. So today, I decided to swim after about 2 and a half, 3 years. 1250 metres. I can't feel my bones, my arms, my legs or my body. But I haven't forgotten how to swim, and it's an incredibly nostalgic feeling. I don't hate exercise, I just don't like it's sweaty forms. Leave me in a pool, and see what I do. Yay!

Mera computer theek karado, please=(

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

At least now I have a name for the book I kinda sorta might decide to write. w00t.

I have too many plans in my head, and very little time to see the realisation of said plans. So I make them, feel like I've accomplished something in life, and then I abandon them. I was just talking to a friend, and I realised that I can be something of a bitch, and this is how:

Friend:You know. She went to LUMUN too.
Me: Did she win?
Friend: No.
Me: Exactly.
Friend: You > her.
Me: I know.
Friend: Bitch. =D

I'm not one of those people who go around shouting "Oh yeahh. I'm a bitch, deal with it." That's not cool, please don't do that. Just makes you look like an idiot, and believe me I've seen a lot of idiots in my 19 year old life.

But talking about LUMUN, I miss it like fuck. Those 6 days were probably the most amazing 6 days I've ever had, and the MUN owned HarvardMUN. When I'm at college I will hopefully be able to come back to LUMUN with an MHC delegation, and be all angsty feminist badass sort because it's just fun to freak people out with that. And people keep asking me if I'm going there to turn into a lesbian. Maybe I am. Women are a lot less trouble than men anyway.

The carnival was the fail I predicted it would be. My friend ended up eating about 30 sandwiches, she's going to bless me for the rest of her life. I'm quite jealous of her ability to eat like a bottomless pit and not gain an ounce. Not even *this* much. It makes me quite mournful that the same state of affairs doesn't exist with myself.

They're making everyone pay 5000 rs. for the after party. Mein joota na doun, 5000 tou duur kee baat hai. Idiots.