Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Finally decided to update this poor ignored piece of me in cyberspace.

So, what have I been upto this whole week? ( For want of better things to talk about)

Results, A level applications. Pretty much sums it up.
My nightmare period has started.
The Lyceum form is a downright pain in my ass. I mean, what kind of an essay am I supposed to write on "Climate change or political agenda?". And I WILL write on this, because I have decided that the other two topics are too idiotic for me. Because, like, I'm like, smart..y'know..


So Mk turns up almost everyday at my place, talks to my mum for an hour then drags me out to A level schools. Too, too much lack of sleep.

And then there was her birthday.

Which was fun, apart from the bit where we had to walk from Zouk to Caffeine only to find it close and then back to Dmart. On a Sunday afternoon.

Only people living in Karachi will be able to grasp fully the horror of being three jeans clad girls walking across the seaview main road on the Sunday afternoon. It wasn't pleasant.

Excuse the lack of humour, I am braindead.


Guys in books just are better.
They always have time.
They're always sexy.
They love you more than anything else.
You are the most important part of their existence.
They usually have some coolass secret.
There are no video games or distractions involved.
They want to be with you all the time.
They're willing to do anything and everything for you.
They're usually perfectly dressed.
They look like Greek Gods.
They will tell you you're the most beautiful girl ever.

Okay that's just Edward Cullen.

Robert Pattison.
I have not been let down again, like I was after they casted Daniel as Harry.
Let's see how Pattison pulls off Edward's sexiness. He's got enough of his own.

I want. =\

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Of all the things to join the ranks of the haywire and the non functional in my life, my computer has chosen to go kaput.


If I were to sit and count on my fingers how many important components of my very sad life are currently not performing the functions required of them, I would have to hide under my bed and burst into tears. Which is why I will not count.

Now my computer and I have shared a very passionate love/hate relationship. Probably one sided, though if you asked my mother she'd tell you that inanimate electrical objects have feelings too, so based on that, perhaps the computer decided it was done serving the rather abusive master ( That makes it sound so weird.=\) and it was time to move on from this world to the next, though where dead computers go, I have yet to find out. Oh yes. I've had the damned thing since 9 years, through no fault of my own. So it's hardly surprising that the feeble light of life ( or whatever it is that shows signs of proper function in a CPU) has stopped flickering. And now I'm stuck. And there's a gaping computer shaped hole in my life, added to the other holes and soon there will be a supermassive blackhole, which will suck me in and i will die.

Maybe not quite so dramatic, but nonetheless, one must use melodrama to get one's point across.


On another, however no better, note : Results very soon. I saw The Lyceum admissions package. The essay topics suck, the recommendations will probably be crap seeing how my principal and teachers love me so much, I did not maintain a B+ grade average throughout grade 9, 10 and 11 and the future is rather bleak at the moment. Because, you see, I am a rather academically dimwitted, lazy snob. Although I refuse to work for the grades, I have very fixed ideas about where I would like to study.
And right now, I have about.. one option.

Oh, and, apparently math is imperative till AS level.
I cant do math.
I will not do math.
I am a failure at life, that is what I feel like nowadays=\

Mum will be SO pleased about my math and bio grades. *shudders*

Think I should just get married=\

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Today in Jaahil's very sad tum-tou-bas-train-ke-neechay-aakar-jaan-dedo-ish life, amongst other things:

Mum: Woh mein abhi Adeeba se phone par baat kar rahee thee, uss ne Beenish kee choti behen kaa bhi rishta karwa diya, buhat achay loag hain.

Me: Acha... Can you get my computer fixed please?

Mum: Haan, Adeeba ke paas buhat achay rishtay hotay hain...

Me: *realising where this is heading* Woh kal na I have to go to the library.. and PLEASE get my computer fixed.. and the dvd player too!

(notice complete lack of wittiness.)

Mum: (in all seriousness) Mein soch rahee thee Adeeba ko tumharay liye bhi boloon.... koiee acha rishta bataye gee.


Mum: Nai.. lekin there's nothing wrong with an engagement.

Me: I do not wish to get myself into an arranged match at the tender age of 17, or 18, OR 19 for that matter. I do not wish to get into holy matrimony till im 25, thankyouverymuch.

Mum: Larkion kee shaadian jaldi hojayein tou acha hai, waisey hee tumhara dimaagh buhat kharab hogya hai.

Me: You try that. I will spill tea on the guy's no no zone.

Mum: Zyada bakwas nai kiya karo, bas tumhay tou apni aawaara doston ke saath ghoomnay aur cigarette peenay kaa shouk hai. Mein koiee nai theek karwa rahee computer.


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My love for Harry Potter<3 <3

I finally started the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Yes, I have never read it, and I haven't even watched the movies, because I always read the books before watching the movies. ( I even read In Her Shoes before watching the movie=\)
I tried reading LOTR when I was 12, but I read one page, and I wasn't really keen on it ( HarryPotterIsDaShitPhase).
I will read it this time ( promise) and it IS interesting.

However, I will never draw comparisons between the Harry Potter series and LOTR, no matter how much I might like it.

Harry Potter hold a special place in my heart ( insert soppy love song for fictional characters here.) It's a childhood favourite. I started reading it when I was 9, and have been in love with it since.
I happened to be one of the hundreds of fans who were going to go to the 4 am book launch of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It was the most exciting thing we'd ever done. A 4 am book launch with my friends and lots of other geeky Harry Potter fans in witch and wizard getups. Sigh.
( and our parents, of course.)
My mum didn't even tell me she'd booked a copy for me. I was fuming for a whole week, because the whole world and his wife had a copy booked. Apart from me, of course.
I was only told when I started reading out the leaked manuscript. ( I went through about five of them before I stumbled across the real thing.)
At that point the panic alarm went off in mum's head, and she finally whipped out the invitation and the receipt.

And I jumped for joy, and spent about 48 hours, and I kid you not, staring lovingly at the invitation. Staring and staring, and I even slept with it under my pillow. My family thought I'd finally lost it. I went around starry eyed, and all that.

But, it never happened.

Stupid bomb scare. WHY would anyone want to plant bombs in cars before a book launch? It was a friggin' BOOK LAUNCH. So yes, it didn't happen. We got our books the next day in the morning. =(

Needless to say, I was heartbroken.

I was one of the people who waited for their Hogwarts admission letter. Yes.

And, the movies ( although everyone knows this) are nowhere near as awesome as the books. They actually suck in comparison. I mean, Forbidden Forest = Dark Forest? wtf? Seriously?
And WHERE did the Quidditch world cup go in the 4th movie? Absolute bullshit.
I haven't even tried watching the third movie.

And Daniel Radcliffe was SO not my vision of Harry, and I took serious offence at that, I mean it was HARRY POTTER. You just do not do that. He's alright and all, but hes not.. Harry.

Yes, I get emotional about Harry Potter.