Monday, December 10, 2007

seriously? seriously.

So here i go again, involving myself in other people's issues, only cause they invited me in, which actually, for want of a better term, sucks A LOT.


as the famous grey's anatomy phrase goes.
Seriously? Seriously.

So much for wanting to make my first formal blog post funny, entertaining and intelligent. Now i just sound liek every other emo kid on the internet. Boo hoo, look at me, im so sad, i want to die.

Its not like that at all. Well, kind of is. But not completely. You don't see me wearing black mourning gear, do you? Actually, you dont see me at all, so there isnt much of a point asking.

i need to start studying, and stop thinking.

i think i think too much. Yes, that wasnt original, but its very apt from what im thinking right now, which is, i think too much.



Haris said...

oh come on you can do better than this

|qurt-man| said...

Thats what ive been saying on everyone's blogs.

Is it just me or is everyone really going through a writer's block?

Opinionated Jaahil said...

haha. yes. writers block indeed, sigh.