Thursday, May 22, 2008

What are this?

Can I talk about happiness, or will i jinx it again?

Nazar bhi tou lagtee hai na, mama ne kahaa tha. ^_^

I am through with:

a) Stalkers.

b) Math

c) Biology.

And fucked them up quite nicely too, but oh well.

No regrets.


Not the Gwen Stefani song, mind you.

She has hairy arms. With blond hair on them.

I noticed, yes.

I have realised that I can survive without(with great difficulty), but would hate to not have the following people in my life:

Min Min (erm. When i think about you i touch myself?=D)

Maria ( who likes to act like a husband to me, and is really not as scary as she looks=p)

Haiya (my love in lahore. <3 )

Ladies farast.

And then them buwayes, who are:

Gibran ( for 4 years of being my back up plan=p)

Abdul ( Who has hot hair, and nicer skin than mine. His only saving grace. (a))

He Who Is Apparently Not a Man (who keeps me extremely amused and for whom i WILL find a wife).

Of course, all these in no particular order. There are others, but family's not included, and my mum doesn't read this blog. I'd be in a bit of trouble if she did....


We have a silent understanding, where we do not talk about my male friends because my mother firmly believes in the "larkay larki kabhi dost nai hosaktay" rule. Rather Indian, rather cliche. Rather Mommy-like. I suppose I can't change the way she thinks, and she can't change the way I think. So little white lies will have to suffice. At least things are better than when I was in 9th grade.... Now those were bad days. But the bad days are gone?

Let's hope so. You can't predict much at 17, can you?
I just want to be happy.
And I am these days, as happy as you get in the middle of your O levels.
Funny thing, this happiness business. You don't feel it as much as you feel the tingly feeling of misery in your palms, but everything just seems nicer, funnier....sunshine-y... but then.. everything IS sunshine-y and disgustingly humid around here anyway.

I am happy to be done with school. Honestly. No SJC means no more of that horrible, socially unacceptable uniform, no more evil nun principal, no more arms in 2 tones, no more math, no more biology, no more horrible toilets with shit on the floor, no more smelly girls with hairy armpits and oily hair....

It goes on and on and on.

Of course, I'll miss somethings about school, but just not the ones listed above.

I need an internship at dawn news, ( the CHANNEL, and not the newspaper.) and i don't know who to contact. A little help would be appreciated =\

I are needs monies. <3

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