Sunday, September 28, 2008

New PC. w00t w00t. =D

I completely forgot to mention that Saad Haroon came to our school. PR blogged about it, and I remembered that I was one of the people who were hyperventilating. Hell, I even went and sat all the way in front. ON THE SAME TABLE AS DANISH ALI ( yes he was there too). I couldn't stop squealing. And giggling.
I must've looked retarded but OH MY GOD IT WAS SAAD HAROON AND DANISH ALI.
love love love.

Even my post is incoherent..



Bakemono-Imo said...

Damn! I need to go watch Black Fish someday!

Did anyone make a video of it?

Furqan said...

opinioatedjaahil,it's been a while =]

eid mubarik.

Shani said...

i r jallus

Opinionated Jaahil said...

You bet you are Shani=D