Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More later never came, apologies.
For those of you who've been keeping track of what's going on in my other blog ( yes, my completely sad and pathetic should-be-runover-by-a-truck-ish love life dominates it.)you should be able to guess that I've lost quite a bit of my amusing streak at the moment.

So muchos apologies.

On to the whining.

Or maybe not.

I feel like such a Pakistani Bridget Jones, it's not even funny. My list of whiny ramblings:

1) I hate thin people.
2) I hate food.
3) I hate being broke.
4) I hate turning into a gibbering mess in front of a certain person.
5) I hate homework.
6) I hate tests.
7) I hate it when teachers, in a very smug tone, say " welcome to college" everytime I tell them it's too much work.
8) I hate not having the time to read.
9) Or to watch tv.
10)To make up for that, I waste time online which leads to:

The zeal for being an A-grade student has become an irritating buzz in my head, but it's quite easy to ignore now.

Long live procrastination.

I think I'm rather manic depressive, but then everyone is. Im'ma buy a sticker from school that says:

Manic Depression.
Easy glum. Easy glow.



Zh. said...

easy glum, easy glow indeed=)

Wvyard said...

Bicharai lyceum walai X)
Patz rulz