Thursday, January 29, 2009

Birthday Girl.

BEST birthday I've had in YEARS. In fact, best birthday since I became a teenager. I attribute it to the presence of awesome friends, and a lack of boyfriends which = perfect recipe for a non-disasterous scene. Boyfriends are lethal. Really. How I've wasted my previous birthdays crying over someone who was, frankly, not worth it. Maybe I am finally growing up, and as Zh said it may just be the *beggining of the better years of life*. Let's hope so.

Went to school in the morning after a fortnight. Had my friends running at me squealing and hugging me. Got Andy the stuffed turtle to err...*make out* with me. And no, it was not something I chose to do. It was PR and her insanity. Anyhoo. Then Asad K turned up with my balloons, and I was so happy. Silver, pink and blue ones. And those were tied to my bag and I roamed around like that for the rest of the day, with random people wishing me happy birthday. I even got to skip a history test haha.

And then, I got home. And Ataka and Mario turned up with cake and Moti the turtle, and we had a mini party with much laughing. <3

So it wasn't my 18th birthday bash, but for someone who's had 5 years of miserable birthdays, it was more than I could've asked for. =)


neeli said...

Happy Birthday! Good to know you had a good time. Birthdays can be so miserable sometimes.

Dreaminglass said...



Ali said...

18? Someone's legal now. :-p

You really should at least have the decency to blogroll me, Mano! Hadh hoti hai badtameezi ki. LOL!

Maryam said...

No mention of new frandsheeps?!
I make you feel all spashul and gave you baast budday prasant aver *sniff*

*i got such a weird word verification word "moutable" LOL.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday..Chanced by your blog...liked what I saw. Have a Special Year. :)

¤Ü•B¤ said...

Belated happy birthday :) !!! may u have many more !!