Saturday, February 27, 2010

Boredom=Blog Time.

This one is a post about Nothing in Particular.

Tomorrow we have a carnival at school. We've never had a carnival at school, and with good reason. Our school is, as I've said before, the size of a chicken coop. So I don't know what they plan on achieving by having a "Fun Carnival". I think it's because Southshore and even *gasp* NIXOR had one, so it's impossible for THE LYCEUM to miss out. Now, the reason why I'm expressing these anti-carnival sentiments is that I am a society head. Which should mean that I get to act very cool, throw my weight around, point my finger at people and shout "Yo BITCH! Make me a sandwich.". Instead, I'm sitting here making sandwiches wondering who the hell to put on duty at the stall (apart from myself). Oh, and, I have to be there an hour before the carnival starts in order to "help set up" and leave an hour after it ends in order to "help clean up". Nice, eh? Positions of power and their perks, sigh, I can never have enough of them. Also, the journalism society is far from the most popular one which invariably makes me wish for the student population to not be quite so dyslexic, but that's not going to change. If anything, they get dumber by the year.
The most popular societies are debates and M.A.D (Music, art and drama). Why? Because debating takes you to Lahore and (in my case) Boston. So after the ECA orientation 90% of the A1s flock to the debating society meeting in hopes of being on the team. It's quite an amusing process, if you ask me, but details will make me sound like a bitch so I'll refrain. (=)). As for Music, arts and drama. Well. I guess the name accounts for the popularity.
(I still think journalism's the most kickass, though)

b) The weirdest thing just happened. My sister decided to toast a slice of bread. When it came out of the toaster, it gave my sister an electric shock. Literally.
It's still crackling.
Electric bread. Now THAT is an idea. Im'ma go look for a patent.


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