Saturday, June 5, 2010

Only in Karachi

A friend overheard some people talking at McDonald's.
A girl said: Yaar yeh Cyclone aanay mein itni dair kyuun laga raha hai?

Oh and Cyclone Phet is now a Facebook event.


Nur R. said...

But there were so many storm here!
Maybe Phet came here first? :D

Pixie said...

dude you seriously pave the road for me to laugh at karachites. you are karachi's one saving grace in my opinion. how are exams proceeding?

NSKY said...

OMG, I just checked out the page.

"yeh saleem bhai kaun hai? =P and is it phet scene on or homo scene on ? muahahaha"

"hahaha PHET scene ON"

HAHAHAHA WTF. Seriously, I can't make head or tails of this thing.

Roshni said...

they're looking forward to it?

Opinionated Jaahil said...

Hahaha Nur, I think you guys just got lucky=P
Pixie, do you REALLY want to go into Lahoris and their saving graces?=P The exams are.. proceeding. Without me studying =P
Najia: Phet scene IZ awn, d00d.
And yes, Roshni, people look forward to cyclones here=P

AZ said...

I must admit I'm looking forward to it too, but only if it's just a bit of rain, some wind and nothing more.

Anonymous said...

pretty rainbow. I want to be living on rainbows. is blogs a maze ing.

Pixie said...

hahaha....jaahil bachi, all of lahore's saving graces live in samnabad i hear.

*pout* dont be mean abt lahore. I have gossip!

qa said...

Hahah seriously. Only in karachi.