Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"It'll take a year for your system to get used to American germs and diseases."

Said someone down at the health care center to an acquaintance who, like myself, is Pakistani and a freshman at MHC. This was in response to this person falling ill and developing a cold fairly frequently. This happened about a day before I was going to go down to the health center myself because my nose runs like the eff-ing Niagara Falls these days, and I'm pretty sure that half of my lung capacity has been destroyed by constant fits of coughing. Cough and cold medication no longer works. Apparently, it'll take a year for my system to get used to American medication too.
And I resist going to the health center, so when I say "I need to go to the health center", it's serious. I've maintained since my first week here that it is useless, and this is just another thing that really proves my point.

The first time I went down there was because my foot was creaking. Yes. It was creaking. Like a spring. If I wiggled my foot, it would make a springy sound. If I touched it and wiggled it, it would be creaking. And it sort of hurt too. Naturally, I freaked out, and made trip no. 1 to the health center. After wandering around looking for the health center, and finally getting to it in 25 minutes ( it's all the way across campus. I'm not even sure if it's on campus), I went in and asked to see someone. They made me fill out a form, and as weird as it sounds, I put down "Creaky Foot" under reason for visit. True enough. I was thinking maybe they'd give me some medicine for the pain, or give me some fancy medical term for the condition I otherwise kept referring to as Creaky Foot. But no. What I was told was " We refer to this as Overstressed Feet Syndrome, you should rest your feet." I really wanted to ask her if she was planning to buy me a car, because that was the only way I could think of to "rest" my feet. Also, I had just walked 25 minutes to get to the health center just to be told that I should be resting my feet. And to add insult to injury, I got lost while trying to get back to my dorm. Talk about facepalm moments.

The health center is also notorious for connecting everything to pregnancy. Students have been asked if they are pregnant when it's just food poisoning they have. The staff down there really seems to have a lot of faith in the student body on campus. If I ever go there and someone asks me this, I will probably be prepared and answer with a " Why, yes!" and walk out. I mean, what else can you do when you're misdiagnosed like that?


Asad said...

Pfft, they aren't diagnosing your of being pregnant, they're just making sure you're not before they administer some form of treatment.
I think.

Ally said...

Do you have health insurance? You can easily get a car for around $1200(if the public transport system is not good where you live.) Just be very clear with what you write about your condition, i work in a doctor's office and I know what it is like :p

Opinionated Jaahil said...

Hahah I have health insurance, but it's from the college. I have no idea what I can and can't do with it. And I mean I'm not terminally ill (God forbid), just the usual cold that I'm being veryyy crabby about =p

Anonymous said...

Overstressed Feet Syndrome sounds made up

Mysh said...

I think i agree with improbablelLetters, They'r tryina get out of giving you treatments etc. & I guess the reason they keep askin abt pregnancy is probbaly to tell ppl, Pregnancy isnt covered in ur student health insurance.

Try ur health insurance, im sure they'll have a clause for 'overstressed feet' and its precsription, which is in this case is 'a car'.