Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Beginning

I went to Lyceum today to get my acceptance letter, and after only 2 and a half hours of sleep, I was in no mood for what was to happen.
So I go to the library, tell them I was asked to collect my acceptance letter.
It's not there.
I wait.
20 minutes later, the letter comes, except that the man very happily says " These are your subjects, right?"
History. Check.
Literature. Check.
Business Studies.

" I didn't ask for business studies."
" Kal raat ko aapko phone kiya thaa tou aap ne accept kar tou liya thaa!"
"Jee, kyuunke kal raat ko unhon ne mujhe kahaa thaa mujhe History, Literature aur Sociology de rahay hain."
"Sociology kee tou waitlist hai."
"Tou mujhe raat ko bataa detay...mujhe business nai chahiye."
"Ab kya kar saktey hain? Aap yeh le lein, admission hojaye, uss ke baad dekh lee jiye ga."

Now as everyone knows, that is The Plan. The evil one, to make unsuspecting students fall for crap subjects no they don't want. Everyone also knows, that there are three subjects people generally do not want at Lyceum...or elsewhere even : Business, Urdu and Art ( unless there's a background in the subject..duh.. and the student wants to pursue arts or architecture). So anyhoo, you don't.go.there. That's all. The poor student pays, and then they're stuck with crappola subjects they never dreamed of doing.

So now what they do is, when the quota for one subject is filled, they start sending the rest of the "rejected" crowd into Business or Urdu. The thing is, there was no reason for them to reject me because I had an A in sociology and I knew people with Bs in socio who got it so it was an extremely omgwtf-ish situation.

So I sat. And waited. And waited. And waited.

And argued, because I hadn't deviated from the available combination and I freaking didn't want business. And so, I told them to give me economics if they couldn't give me sociology and if they were so bent on messing up their own combination. That did the trick, and they gave me sociology because I'm guessing there wasn't any room in economics either. So now I'll have to do econ privately. Or maybe not, but I'm really not looking forward to this, because I won't have time to do anything else=(.

Then they sent my file downstairs, and when it came back to the library after half an hour the stupid thing still said business. So they sent it back, again. By this time, i was ready to tear my hair out, except that those uncles int he library were really nice, and the only cute guy I have seen anywhere within a 2 mile radius of The Lyceum chose to walk into the library at that exact moment to collect his acceptance letter. Blonde hair, blue eyes, tall, really cute.

<3<3<3<3. A friend was kind enough to point out to me that I might not have thought him so hot if I'd seen him abroad, but you can't blame me because The Lyceum seemed to be filled with the hideosities of nature and *horror of all horrors* MULLAHS.:| So cute gora and I struck up a conversation and talked for 10 minutes, during which I found out that he's German, he's been in Karachi for 10 years, his name, and the fact that he plays basketball. BASKETBALL. <3 Andthathe'sratherpopularwiththegirls.

But I should have seen that coming.

And I managed to make Min Min very, very jealous because you see, Min Min's the Germany addict. Woman wants to marry a german guy and give birth to half German offspring. Her ultimate fantasy has been to live during the Third Reich. Despite the fact that they'd probably have thrown her into a concentration camp. But nope. Min Min's obsession with Germany is such that she goes into swooning mode everytime someone says Germany. And she showered upon me the choicest of swear words when I told her, after which she started making plans about How One Must Befriend German Guy.

I feel like I've kind of gone off the point of this post. The point was, subjects.

They told me to wait, and I waited for two hours before I finally got the mistake fixed. Not pleasant. =\

Oh well, At least I managed to get the subject I wanted.


Oh and I was also told that Murtaza Bhutto's son is coming to Lyceum.

This should be the beginning of an eventful two years. *smirks*
And no, I don't plan on seducing either German boy OR Zulfi Jr.

I'm into someone else. * puts on cool shades*


PR said...


qυяяαт said...

Zulfi Bhutto.. seems to be hot.. he did on tv:P

pluto88 said...


Opinionated Jaahil said...

Yes. There she goes, Mina's favourite line ever=p

said, in real life, with a punjabi-ish accent.=p

Bakemono-Imo said...

Is that "someone" bald? Or really shiny? Or the Human Lightbulb?

Aagar hai tau then it makes sense with the shades and all.


qυяяαт said...

I am telling you what I saw.
Maybe it was someone else. Pata nahee. bleeh.

forever yourses. said...

so what's up with schools in karachi trying to act like they're the best university in the whole world.

why is education in karachi so competitive?

i've heard people have to get their kids enrolled before they're born.

and what's up with people going overboard with As? i think more than four or five is a waste of time and effort. Bs are cool.

Opinionated Jaahil said...

Haha, I really don't know, but seriously, school and college level education IS the most expensive and competitive in pakistan. Really don't know why but it is.

and yyeah, there's quite a few preschools which guarantee admissions into particular schools and they wanted you to register your kid before the kid's even BORN. Funny shit=p

The As...I had just 5=( they're not a waste of time and effort yaar they open up your uni prospects, and i;ve screwed up mine, but yeah=p

French Vanilla said...

i'd disagree with what you said about Urdu. It was very popular with students because a) it's a wonderful language b) it's an easy A and c) if you go to the US for college, you don't have your language requirement waived unless you have taken A levels Urdu -- and if you have you even get four credits for it -- and four credits for General studies. You can easily finish college in three years because you get a kickstart. A lot of us at lecole did that and are ahead of our game now. :)

French Vanilla said...

p.s: 4 credits = $4000. lotsofmoneysaved!