Sunday, August 3, 2008

Random Rant.

It really, really irritates the hell out of me when people who tYp3 lYk3 d!Z wish other people a happy birthday/anniversary/whatever occasion there is to be celebrated.
Not only do they tYp3 lYk3 d!Z they also make it a point to say "3nJ0Y" after they've wished the person, and make it sound like some cheapass commercial.


Like that, you know?

I mean, honestly, what the hell? Why must you do that along with your irritating habit of tYp!Ng lYk3 d!Z you also make it sound like a lame Pakistani juice ad. Like those stupid advertisments for Shezan Twist. And the catchphrase for that product? Shezan Twist!Twist karaa de!

And now this. Jeeto Josh Se.

This ad literally screams out " I'm a woman and I'll be your whore."
Ok so not exactly that, but not far off either. And WHY is she wiping his face with a juice ka dabba? Who goes around on motorcycles in a desert anyway?

Did these people completely miss intellectual evolution? I mean, honestly feast your eyes on this...well..I really do not know what it is, but just look at it. This image is plastered on various billboards in Karachi.
And it is perverted.
At least I think so.
I mean I wouldn't want my seven year old sister to learn about juice like..this.
I wouldn't even want her to drink this stuff. Yuck.

On a happier note, my mother said to me yesterday " tumhara moun chusay huay tarbooz jaisa hota jaa raha hai."

I took it as a compliment.

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pluto88 said...

Dude. I dont know why they don't just take it off. The woman looks like se's about to orgasm.:\