Wednesday, April 1, 2009

SPOGG all the way. ^_^

I have found out from PR that the pathetic excuses for literature students whom I mentioned in my last post displayed their lack of knowledge about the English language, yet again.
What does courtship mean?
Courtship. Ehmagawddd. WHUZZATT?! 0.o
I feel rather sorry for these people, I honestly do. First of all, they have such a wonderful grasp over the English language. And then, their eloquence in Urdu is astounding. It's like they've manufactured their own language, a dumbed down version of Minglish (as if Minglish isn't already dumbed down enough.-_-)punctuated with too many "OhMaGawd, like, tohtallllyy."s. And they're perfectly alright with being absolute dumbfucks. No issues whatsoever.

Please join, and do yourself and the rest of the world a favour. The Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar is a dream come true. I need merchandise. I will roam around wearing SPOGG t-shirts because they're incredibly sexy. With my awesome SPOGG mug. *swoons*

In other news, I've been out of touch with blogdom because I've been busy having, you know, a life.
Not really.
I'm just big fat lump of laziness, and it's going to get me into serious trouble one of these days but I'd still rather be promoting SPOGG than doing "something useful" like studying. Pfft. SPOGG is a very, very worthy cause to promote. These people want to help the gramatically retarded. Or shame them into making an attempt to improve. Studying ain't got nuttin' on dat, yo.
So my transcripts will be horrible, and no university will accept me with the pathetic SAT score I'm going to get, but, I will be happy because I helped SPOGG.


Dreaminglass said...

But but but, how can someone not know what a courtship is? =/

I mean, sometimes even judges want to sail the seven seas, you know...They've got to have a break, but their work is pretty important for the proper functioning of a society....

*sigh* these people. What will become of them...Poor judges don't even take proper holidays, tainting their pleasure in the name of business, and all for what? So that some people can't even appreciate the notion of a courtship?

tut tut, Pakistani burgers. tut tut.

Opinionated Jaahil said...

I love you Maneh=D

PR said...

hmm. I will make you hear the best one yet.

Girl from literature class: Miss, what's a celibate?

The Teacher Who Doesn't Want to Taint The Ignorance Of 17-year-old Girls: It means someone who never gets married, dear.

Opinionated Jaahil said...

Yeah I know about her.

Furqan said...

... =D

mehreenkasana said...

SPOGG all the way! \m/


nb- said...

yaar khwaar hum sab hain but I don't have the money to spend on SPOGG merchandise, so buy it for me too ok.


okay, lets do bizzinaaiisss.

I make the shirts, you pay me to make them, and we all happily promote SPOGG.

Howzzat huh huh huh?

And like, I just like noticed like, what I'm listed as in your blogroll and it's like, LAWl.

Opinionated Jaahil said...

While biznaaaaizz would be naaaaieezee, Dawn has prevented any useful investment on my part in things which will help improve the world, or at the very least promote this cause by laying me off. I will forever hate them. >.<

But as soon as I get my hands on some moolah, I will tell you AYSAPZ.
Also, yes. My true feelings about your blog shine through on my blogroll. And amusement is not easily found these days, so be happeh. ^^