Tuesday, May 26, 2009

.....And she's alive.

My exams are over. *does little jig*
Not really, but I have only one more and I don't have to study for it. Therefore *resumes little jig*

As determined as I am that this summer should not go to waste, I'm not sure how I'm going to go about "not wasting" it. Because the excitement of being in the library lasts for about two weeks before I get bored/annoyed/restless and consequently emo about my life, calling it a variety of unflattering things such as...pathetic. Stupid. Useless. Sad. Non-existent.

My life has self esteem issues, I think. Perhaps. Maybe.

But then I have things to do. Prepare for the SATs. Get an internship. Devise ways to avoid house arrest. Get through my summer reading list. Make fun of the president.

Which reminds me. I live near Bilawal House. The location is a visual haven for Zardari fans. And I'm not one. So everyday, I pass by this poster of Zardari. A picture of his beautiful face, under which is written "SOCIALISM IS OUR ECONOMY.". I've seen it a million times, it still amuses me to no end.

Since I have nothing very useful/coherent to say, I'll wander around the house till I find something to do. Or I'll listen to The Gossip. I love The Gossip. Awesome funky music.

I want to study in New York or London. Something of a sucker for big city life, I am.


F. said...

Yay! Found your blog again. ^_^ (System crashes can be so deadly.)

Which exams?

Opinionated Jaahil said...

AS Level exams=)

F. said...

Subjects? /:)

Opinionated Jaahil said...

History, literature and sociology

cavaliere84 said...

aha ! a student of literature ! :)