Wednesday, June 24, 2009

So true.

I have found the answer to one of life's greatest mysteries.

which iss...?

Okay, I'd been waiting to ask this question for a long time, but I couldn't find the right person. But now I have:
Q. Why are boys so stupid?
A. They are not stupid. They pretend to be. (Why would they do that?) To lower your standards.
at first I was like WTF. But now I get it. ^^

theyre moronic
so they can get away with their bullshiz

ahaan. I've actually seen this behavior in men.
My dad, for example. He can be having a conversation with my mum but the second she mentions something he doesn't want to respond to, he pretends to have fallen asleep. I'm not kidding.

men. its an affliction that strikes all ages=\

mmhm. Actually the thing I hate most about men...
Is that they don't know when they want to compliment your or insult you. So they'll give you a mix of an insult and compliment and then leave it to your interpretation. and then if you ask them they give you some BS cryptic answer
Even if their relationship with you it totally platonic. The only man I've met who doesn't do this is my nana.

cause your nana is cool
the rest of them are twits

Me: -_--_-
D: Chinese eyes again!
Me: =/ is that better?
D: Definitely. it looks a lot more like you = )
me: is that a good or bad thing.
D: Whichever you want it to be.


Anushay. said...

Haha-haha-ha- *stop laughing*
End few lines say what Laila was trying to prove.

Opinionated Jaahil said...

Laila is 12. =p

Dreaminglass said...

A) You....are so retarded.

B) Give Laila something around, oh, I don't know....3 years? And once she's discovered exactly how much MORE fucked up women are (through first-hand/personal experience, no less) than men, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, send me a detailed analysis report on this kid.

Feh. Men don't know what they want. Which is why every single mythological tragedy is always associated with women. Because women know what they want...and it's certainly not pretty.

Anonymous said...

I'm 16.

Emma W. said...

Foonay. And eye opening. :P

Anonymous said...

will anyone ever fight for men's rights?! :( :P