Friday, May 28, 2010

You know the A levels are getting to you....

  • When you open up the Harvard Law School website aka Jaahil's ultimate dream in life and start crying over it like you just failed your LSAT. Or, for that matter, your whole life.
  • When your cat becomes your bestfriend, and even he doesn't like being around you.
  • When you forget how your actual bestfriend's voice sounds like. 
  • When you get weepy because your boyfriend went out to eat without you. 
  • When you wonder which pair of pajamas you should wear today. Not just tonight. 
  • When your mother buys you three more pairs of pajamas because they're all you wear. 
  • When you tell your mother you need MORE pairs because everyone at college goes to class in their pajamas. 
  • When you fall asleep and wake up with a fat book on your face that is squashing your nose. And you weren't even studying. 
  • When you throw your book on the ground and tell your mum you're getting married. 
  • When you start watching The Disney Channel with your 9 year old sister and look forward to the Wizards of Waverly Place, and can differentiate between the twins in The Suite Life.
  • When your mother is embarrassed of telling people you're her child.
  • When you ask your cat to find your pen.
  • When you think there's nothing wrong with keeping multiple mugs of tea in the fridge so you can microwave them later.
  • When the neighborhood shopkeeper displays concern over your consumption of energy drinks, which just by the way, don't work. 
Yeah, they're getting to me alright.


LLB gang-bang victim said...

Don't worry, this is just the beginning.
And law school, ehh? Once upon a time, I had a dream..a dream of going to Harvard Law School. Didn't happen. Ended up in an external programme. Funny shit. Oh, and if you plan on going to a law school, and think that A-levels are hard on you, then good luck, since it's just going to get worse. More caffeine doses, eating table spoons of coffee and chugging them down with coke; crates of energy drink that do you no good;living in pyjamas; resembling a zombie with a hairy face and dark circles; your mother questioning whether you're actually on drugs; more fat books; watching "Wizard of Waverly Place" during a study-break; giving up on food altogether; applying the "Oppurtunity cost" technique between eating, sleeping, and bathing. Did I mention VERY fat books? Sigh.

Good luck with your exams, though. :D

Opinionated Jaahil said...

Hahaha, yeah some of that already happens to me =p And I know all about the sad lives of law students. I must be really loony to want to get a law degree. Like really, really nutty. And you can still apply to Harvard, since it's a graduate programme. You should. It's uhhhmazing <3
I'm not a fan of fat books. I have a gazillion for my A levels and they threaten to kill me everytime. But whattodo. I should try the gulping down coffee thing =\

LLB gang-bang victim said...

Indeed. And a misanthrope, too. Since, a law degree turns you into a anti-social outcast.
Harvard law school requires monie$. I'll think about it after I marry a rich 80 year old, kill him off,run off with his monie$, and then apply to a law school for my masters. Sigh.
Which subjects do you have? And trussssst mee, LLB books take the cake of being the FATTTTESTTTTTT. You can even use them for dumbells.

Opinionated Jaahil said...

That may not be a bad idea. You wouldn't even have to get it on with him, cause he's like eighty and chances would be, suffering from erectile dysfunction. Sorry, I say inappropriate things...
Anyway, so yes, the monie$ are a bitch. Even with financial aid, I can hardly afford college. And when I graduate I will have a debt to pay off, which will have interest, which will kill me. And I will have to be in the top 5% of my class, and the top 5% LSAT scores in order to even have a running chance to get into Harvard Law, let alone get financial aid from there. Sigh. Whoever said becoming a lawyer was easy should try going to the States. You could become a doctor quicker in Pakistan. And I have Socio, History and Lit right now.

Mikk said...

the going to college in pjs -is a myth of sorts. you could do it, and people do, but it's vital to get out of your jammies (i've found) as then it gets you out of sleep mode, and into, time-to-kick-some-ass mode.

Maryam said...

Hahaha, man. The exams are getting to everyone. Trust me.

Opinionated Jaahil said...

Great. No pajama classes for me then. I find it hard to be up when I'm wearing a freaking uniform, let alone what I go to bed wearing. =\

Pixie said...

you do realise, you are going crazy.
:) man this brings back memories, all the best mano!

WarmSunshine said...

LOL! Nice :D

Good luck!

CrazyLady said...

Disney Channel is my new escape. I've even started crushing on Sterling Knight and *gasp* ZAC EFRON. O.O

Opinionated Jaahil said...

I like David Henrie=D

CrazyLady said...


The twins have grown old before their time. Sigh.