Monday, September 13, 2010

Philosophy 208

"I cannot finish off a mile-long run right now. Why? Because I need to have run almost a mile just before now, so that I can complete the running of a mile. Yet, I have not been running. So I cannot finish a mile at this point."

Kasam khao? Because I had no clue that you actually had to RUN to finish off a mile-long run.

 If he'd actually spent even half that fucking time running, he'd have completed that mile. Thank you liberal arts, for this semester long mindfuck. I now know what I will definitely NOT be majoring in.
Seriously, what kind of crack do you have to be on to produce this stuff? I'll probably be needing some of it to pass this class.

"If something has to be, then it will be."
"If something will be, then it has to be."

Mr. Conee and Mr.Sider, I regret to inform you that your LIVES were accidental necessities.


Alpha Za said...

Haha, as a Philosophy Minor, I doth do protest. It can be really intellectually stimulating (if you take the right courses).

Cheer up. If you weren't in liberal arts, you wouldn't be able to try so many random classes.

Sarah said...

as irrelevant as my comment is I have still come here to say: