Monday, February 4, 2008

Dreaming In Blue.

Almost two years since I wrote a poem. Judge me not, this comes from within crevices in a dysfunctional mind with a disjointed thought process.

Dreaming in Blue, unreal
Disjointed blurs of senseless
Light and unknown sounds
In my head.
Like the ticking
Of a clock I forgot on my
Way down memory lane.

And a grain of sand
Making all the difference
Slipping down the
Hole in an hourglass.
Another moment, another life
Another dream

The ticking and the dreams,
Obliterated along the way
To you and
What was yours.
Still is,
With pieces of me clinging on.

I gave me away
In a box
To a key so wrong
For the lock holding it closed.
Regret and wonder where
I went wrong
Because all I see is

As you force your way
Into my heart-shaped-box
And I try
To think of it in biology.
All arteries, veins and ventricles
When it hardly ever works
Because hearts are much,
So much more
Than that.

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Eeda said...

hey u...i was meandering round peole's blogs at,,,oh 4 am..and sumhow meanered down urs,,( makes me sound very stalkerish doesn it? ) sorry to qwell ur dreams tho, im a girl..haha...anyways, i like the way u write, its a lot like i write, and it was realli fun to thinkin u go to sjc too? i ws ther once long ago...well in 2002 actualli bt yeh..( i knw ths NOT cz im stalkin u cz ther's sumone called mina whse blog i liek readin and apparntly shes frm sjc and apparntly u commented on her posts and apparently and very obviousli and even more patheticali, im writn on ths here thing at 4 am...God has a weird sense of humour..anyways..
keep doin whut u do, its gud stuff..
if u wnna b amazed by mi awesome-ness, read
and then promptly vote for ti in the This-is-too-pathetic-to-exist-contest. if ther is sure ther is..lemme wikipedia tht.
all for now kiddo,