Friday, February 1, 2008

Today they were deciding on (and altering) the class teams for the school tournaments. They, as in, the bossy bunch of girls called the students' council. Who are all in my class. Who will beat me up if they see what i have said about them. Must get back to original topic.

I make it sound all cool, but it actually isn't considering that there are about 30-35 girls in each class and only grade 9,10 and 11 will be playing. On top of everything else, there is quite a number of us who are atheletetically backwards ( and i think ive spelt that wrong). Anyway, so when the throwball team was being called out, one member decided she did not want to play throwball. So they asked if anyone else wanted to fill her place. This is what happened:

Me: *raises hand*

Sheema: Shut up Sanaa! We're serious!

Me: * still raising hand* but...


Me: *puts hand down*

Apparently, I've displayed such an aversion to anything and everything that must be done in the school Hockey Field ( which i don't know why they call it, considering we don't even PLAY hockey on it.) that I wouldn't be taken seriously, as is obvious above.

I've also realised that this phenomena of not taking me seriously is not just limited to sports. It extends to almost all other aspects of my life, and anything else which i happen to utter. I'm beginning to worry about whether there's something wrong with my face or the way I speak. I mean, Minkie DID say I looked like Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story just the other day, but that was probably because i took my apparently-very-cool raised eyebrow look a tad too high. Yes, my eyebrows have talents to defy gravity.

She still remembers his name. =\ (Buzz Lightyear's i mean. I jump topics.)

what a loser.

I want to watch Toy Story too=(

I am also being a loser.

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