Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Of all the things to join the ranks of the haywire and the non functional in my life, my computer has chosen to go kaput.


If I were to sit and count on my fingers how many important components of my very sad life are currently not performing the functions required of them, I would have to hide under my bed and burst into tears. Which is why I will not count.

Now my computer and I have shared a very passionate love/hate relationship. Probably one sided, though if you asked my mother she'd tell you that inanimate electrical objects have feelings too, so based on that, perhaps the computer decided it was done serving the rather abusive master ( That makes it sound so weird.=\) and it was time to move on from this world to the next, though where dead computers go, I have yet to find out. Oh yes. I've had the damned thing since 9 years, through no fault of my own. So it's hardly surprising that the feeble light of life ( or whatever it is that shows signs of proper function in a CPU) has stopped flickering. And now I'm stuck. And there's a gaping computer shaped hole in my life, added to the other holes and soon there will be a supermassive blackhole, which will suck me in and i will die.

Maybe not quite so dramatic, but nonetheless, one must use melodrama to get one's point across.


On another, however no better, note : Results very soon. I saw The Lyceum admissions package. The essay topics suck, the recommendations will probably be crap seeing how my principal and teachers love me so much, I did not maintain a B+ grade average throughout grade 9, 10 and 11 and the future is rather bleak at the moment. Because, you see, I am a rather academically dimwitted, lazy snob. Although I refuse to work for the grades, I have very fixed ideas about where I would like to study.
And right now, I have about.. one option.

Oh, and, apparently math is imperative till AS level.
I cant do math.
I will not do math.
I am a failure at life, that is what I feel like nowadays=\

Mum will be SO pleased about my math and bio grades. *shudders*

Think I should just get married=\


Tinuviel said...

Your computer needs sex.
Lotsandlotsofsex, I tell you.

Besides that, I now have a blog-stalker who comments on my eno-ness. Haye allah. He doesn't know me.
I are so mizzundahstoooddd!!!! =(

I think i shall go slit my wrists now.

Asfandyar said...


the bane of fucking society.

annd get your shit together, unfortunately good grades are necessary even if you want to study environmental sciences in any place that doesn't reek of centuries old horse manure. :(

Opinionated Jaahil said...

I promise I will get my shit together, just get me into The Lyceum SOMEHOW=\

as for math, I bet YOU are awesome at it, Asfand.

Stupid smart people-_-


I like math too :)

Asfandyar said...

I was only good at math till middle of O/levels. Then i had a falling out with the subject. :@

Now? I'm pretty terrible at it. I say we gather round a fire wearing balaclavas and proceed to burn every book on trignometry, algebra, and um...other stuff.

Ofcourse, that may mean that there'll be no more planes or anything worthwhile since fecking math exists everywhere :(

Tinuviel said...

*shuffles feet*
I find math quite fun.
*runs away*

Mehreeen said...

San bum, its math. Not the end of the world. Math A levels is thou so don't take it unless you REALLY have to. And if you do make sure you go for tuitions somewhere!

You've just decided you hate it, its not that bad :P

Opinionated Jaahil said...

Whatever happened to good old donkey carts? no one needed math for that.
At least you got through O level math. I couldnt even manage that.=\

And mehreen, i didnt decide for myself. we ALL know it was soares who decided, with her halitosis and spitting=p