Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Finally decided to update this poor ignored piece of me in cyberspace.

So, what have I been upto this whole week? ( For want of better things to talk about)

Results, A level applications. Pretty much sums it up.
My nightmare period has started.
The Lyceum form is a downright pain in my ass. I mean, what kind of an essay am I supposed to write on "Climate change or political agenda?". And I WILL write on this, because I have decided that the other two topics are too idiotic for me. Because, like, I'm like, smart..y'know..


So Mk turns up almost everyday at my place, talks to my mum for an hour then drags me out to A level schools. Too, too much lack of sleep.

And then there was her birthday.

Which was fun, apart from the bit where we had to walk from Zouk to Caffeine only to find it close and then back to Dmart. On a Sunday afternoon.

Only people living in Karachi will be able to grasp fully the horror of being three jeans clad girls walking across the seaview main road on the Sunday afternoon. It wasn't pleasant.

Excuse the lack of humour, I am braindead.


Guys in books just are better.
They always have time.
They're always sexy.
They love you more than anything else.
You are the most important part of their existence.
They usually have some coolass secret.
There are no video games or distractions involved.
They want to be with you all the time.
They're willing to do anything and everything for you.
They're usually perfectly dressed.
They look like Greek Gods.
They will tell you you're the most beautiful girl ever.

Okay that's just Edward Cullen.

Robert Pattison.
I have not been let down again, like I was after they casted Daniel as Harry.
Let's see how Pattison pulls off Edward's sexiness. He's got enough of his own.

I want. =\

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