Friday, March 14, 2008


Are you envious
of me thinking in Blue
Seeing in Green
Living in Pink and
Breathing in Red?

Are you envious?
When I have so much colour,
Too much colour
Exploding in my head
Like catherine wheels
And fire dragons.

And are you envious?
That it surrounds me
And bursts around me,
While you are caught in
greys and browns and blacks and whites
The aching dulls,
Against all my brights.

What should I say to you,
When you begrudge me my splashes.
I do not want them,
These constant explosions rocking
My core and such
Not a happy place, no.

Trade with me, and give me
Your dreary two toned world
And take my fantasy onto yourself.
Feel it in the crevices
of your numb being,
As it courses through you
Bursting bubbles of life in your veins.

And then feel the pain
I have known all along when
I drown in the blues and bleed in the reds.

Know then, why I envied you,
Your dreary thoughts and
Monochrome mind.

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