Friday, March 14, 2008


Haha, three posts in one day on a blog that no one reads?

I am too good. *pats self on back*

Last days of school. Seriously, it's still hard to believe that my 6 years of single sex catholic school education have passed, and I survived. Harder to believe that the first waves of nostalgia are beginning to hit me. Very soon, i have a feeling, that they will be washing over me, and might even be streaming out of my eyes. Gay much? But I won't be the only one....

Yes, even though I've whined and bitched about this place so much, it's still a kind of second home. Sigh. Cheesy.

What is making me write this, I feel like i must explain. Hitler.

Not quite in the way you think, before you start thinking of him as a closet sentimentalist (if that's even a word) cross-dressing fag. No, not like that at all. We watched the movie today, in school, Pakistani dvd and all having fucked up sound and worse subtitles seemingly written by chinese midgets with a very poor hold on the English language. Added to the fun, although it was supposed to be "educational", it turned out to be more of a joke than anything else.

And then,while literally rolling on the floor laughing, it hit me, that i would miss the silliness of this place, and these idiots who are my classmates/friends/confidantes, intentionally or unintentionally, and how we know so much about each other without ever meaning to, or talking to each other one on one.

Our stupid fits of laughter, class jokes, politics, lameness, sticking up for each other,larka problems, -isms. (now it sounds like a speech. shit maaaan.)



6th grade was then, and now we're done with grade 11. Almost, with a couple of days to go.

What the fucking hell is wrong with me?=\


Furqan said...

and are you talking about Hitler: the rise of evil? ive seen that one i think... haha.

This happens to everyone. I remember my last 3 months of O levels. *nostalgia* without a second thought o level WAS the best 3 years of my life, especially the last 3 months. Here's to o levels.the tuitions with my best friends and shit =\. and rebelling out and spending more time out with friends instead of studying haha.
making all those plans of what to do after the exams are over, (went to murree with friends two days after =D)
failing some of the mocks deliberately, remember walking outta the class after the first 10 min of the add maths mock and everyone including the invigilator giving the 'what the fuck?' look. and then in the last few days, remember giving up everything and making all those plans and just studying =\. compare what you were 3 years ago with now, these are THE 3 years i mean you learn, literally everything you are gunna be for the rest of your life. O level's the shit man! so cherish this time while it lasts, it's as good as could be. it all really depends on the result though, you reflect back after a pretty good result and everything seems just so frickin beautiful, and that's supposed to be a motivator.

it's not all though, you're gunna have shitloads of fun in a levels too but o levels ka time was CHILL!=p

and stop pretending people dont read your blog idiot.

*sigh* haha i just 'hijacked' your blog. seems more like mine now =D

Zh. said...

thank you so much:)

French Vanilla said...

heh, this post brought back memories from another lifetime. i too went to the convent in 6th grade and it kind of sucked getting done with the o levels. i was in a roman catholic boarding school in murree and it was probably the most memorable time of my life. keep writing. :)

|qurrat| said...

Nothing is wrong with this.


I forgot what I felt like when i left that place 2 yrs ago:|

Tazeen said...

I read your blog so you cannot say that. Plus even if no one reads your blog, it is cathartic to write.