Sunday, March 23, 2008

You rip my soul apart, and sew it back again one

I complain about painfully slow deaths and equally torturous "bringing-back-to-life"s. You kiss the tears away with a lying smile.

And we fall, again again again. All over again.

Backtrace all the squares i conquered, to number one. Only one.

The cycle doesn't stop, never did, never will.
And we will continue our sadistic love affair forever, until there is no you, or no me. Whichever comes first.

Why do I believe, when you reassure?
Why do you confide, when I keep not your secrets?
Why do we love and hate in equal measures?

The cup is halfemptyfullemptyfull.....empty..

It goes on.And on.And on.


Furqan said...

err hey. I need to talk about something real important. no bullshit. get back to me asap whatever/however way you can =s write back on my blog or something.

couldnt think of anywhere else to ask you =s


Small Scale Miracle Worker said...

oooh I like to think that this is about me...seeing as it was written on my birthday :D
I must tell you what the whore-y cousins did and did not understand as they are STEWPIDD!