Monday, June 9, 2008


I AM DONE WITH THE O LEVELS. *jumps around and shrieks*

That said and done, it wasn't very eventful. I didn't go wild. Or anything of that sort. But it must be recorded on this little piece of my heart, because it was an extremely important day.

So I walked into KGS in my disgusting, socially unacceptable uniform feeling quite happy, because it was the last time (yes, mark my words) I was going to be walking into any place in that uniform. And the last time I'd ever be seen in it. *little bubbles of happines bursting in aformentioned heart* =D
And then off we went to N's place, which wasn't my plan till about 15 minutes before i left home. M threatened and bugged me into going to Arizona grill, and it turned out there were but three of us little munchkins going.
The weather was disgustingly humid, and temperature didn't do us any wonders either. And when we got to N's place, the electricity, to our utter delight, had gone to take a stroll in the park. So I let loose a few sweet nothings, courtesy Mr. P.G Wodehouse, who I worship and who is probably one of the coolest dead old people in the world. And if you say anything against that man, I will make sure someone pokes you in the nose. No electricity. Yes.
So we changed, and decided to get out of the house. And Arizona Grill was closed. Boohoo Hoohaa, much sadness and noise. And then, we decided to go to Hotspot because we didn't have much choice. I have only one thing to say about my experience of Karachi Weather ( and I have quite a bit, seeing how I've spent 17 years of my life in this city). It's like all the airconditioners stop working effectively, no matter where you go. The infernal heat creeps in. Not. Pleasant.
I was planning on not eating, because I am Fat and Blobby, but my friends, being the wellwishers that they are, made me. And I find it hard to say no.
Ok fine, so I wanted to eat.
Big deal.
I won't look at food for the rest of the summer.
And if I do, someone can kick my fat ass.

So we sat at Hotspot. And ate. And sat. And cracked lame jokes, most of which I can't remember. M, who used to have a major jukebox obsession ( and she is quite the OCD-ed child) was rather heartbroken about the fact that the Jukebox was no longer working, and that the Hotspot management was making people put their money into the coinslots, and then playing the music from some-playerthingy-that-was-probably-located-in-the-kitchen. That, according to M, is fraud, and Hotspot should be sued.

I didn't agree, because they have nice plates in Hotspot. With funny Pakistani movie pictures on them. Why on earth, tell me, would you want to sue a place like that?

And then, we went back. To N's house. And lo and behold! There was electricity! And we had nothing to do. So we sat around. And did nothing. And entertained ourselves with M's iPod. And took pictures. N has a fun room. I like it. Yeah.

After which came, according to M and N ( I like how they're alphabetically ordered), the best part of the day. *drumroll*


And we bought movies. M bought 21, Juno, and this other funny one. I bought The Kite Runner and The Other Boleyn Girl. And N bought 21, Juno, some cartoon thingy and another one which I can't remember.

Just when we'd settled down to watch Juno, the electricity decided to leave us again. We weren't pleased.
And then we had to go.

And I couldn't watch Juno.




arwa said...

Lol. I lived in Karachi for 3 months. I HATED the weather!

Call me Gunther said...

P.G Wodehouse = Excellence

qυяяαт said...

juno waas shit.

Opinionated Jaahil said...

sshaha i hate summers here. They're disgusting. Winters are awesome though.

And P.G Wodehouse= excellence indeed.


forever yourses. said...

I *LOVE* WODEHOUSE. Genius if ever one lived.