Saturday, June 14, 2008

Parallel Rebellion.

No I am not lifting things off people's blogs. And I am not stealing ideas.
This post is dedicated to Parallel Rebellion.

nb- says:
update your blog im bored
nb- says:
write how much you love me
nb- says:
nb- says:
that'd be nice yeah.

And here I am.

Let's see now.
I love SK Babydoll very much. Yes, I do. She is nice and amusing. Everyone loves her. Everyone wanted her to fill their Bye Bye books. ( Or, in Squeaky's case Bi Bi book) She still hasn't returned many of the books. People are now getting angry. But, back to the point.

I have been studying with PR since grade 6. Back then, she used to look like a cute bunny. A thin one. She's still thin, but she no longer resembles a bunny. All thanks to her Orthodontist. She is now what is commonly known as a Young Woman, with metal free teeth. I always thought she was cute, and made it extremely clear. To the point that the she got rather sick of me. She was one of the few people who were nice to me in grade 6 because i was the loser who everyone ran away from.

In grade 7 PR went through a rather disturbing phase of "Bhoonga-ism". This was rather cultish. You picked up a stone from the hockey field (which no one ever, ever played hockey in) and made a face on it, and called it a Bhoonga. Then you broke it.
I never owned a Bhoonga.
PR owned many.

And sometimes, she would hop around a tree with Amna, and claim they were getting married. It was always disturbingly amusing.

In grade 8 we discovered the EP forums. And logged on. And met people.

Which is irrelevant.

We also used to write weird things for orkut groups which we never made, and thank god for that.

So yes, PR is nice.

At some point in her life, PR became obsessed with NASA. And other strange things. And Google. In order to get anything out of her, you'd first have to read some strange, incomprehensible mumbo jumbo she printed off some website, which she would hand to you, eyes shining and all and say *READ!*. And then she would say * WASN'T THAT AWESOME?* and you'd be like, yeah... Although you didn't get a word of it, but still.

Once she brought a petition to school and made everyone sign it. It was a promise that we would all use CFC free deodrants. I kept my promise because I love PR very much, you see. I do not know about other people. Of course, no one can love her as much as I do.

Ok this is getting disturbing now.


I have had many fun times with PR. Six years is a long time to have lots of fun times, which I did have. No perverted fun times, thankfully. But fun, nonetheless.

When Pluto stopped being a planet, PR was rather traumatised. She roamed around mourning the loss of Planet Pluto for God Knows How Long. And she would tear cellophane and ammonium foil wrappers into tiny little pieces, which was apparently her way of anger management.

My mother likes PR very much. She claims that PR is one of the few nice girls I've befriended. Of course, the truth behid PR is unknown, but I'd rather keep it that way. Better safe than sorry.

In the Christmas Play, PR played the role of Grey Stockings, and roamed around with silver eyes. I was the Green Dancing Toffee checking out Grey Stockings. Min Min, Noor and PR together form the ManClub. I do not know how/why this ManClub came about, but it is apparently very exclusive and has only three members.

I like PR very much. <3<3.

She writes well, and she likes Harry Potter. And The Fountainhead. And it is because of her that I use the T9 dictionary today. So much love, sigh.
She is also slightly obsessive compulsive about certain things, but thats ok, we're all allowed our quirks. PR is allowed as many as she wants, because I like her very much.

I might just make a shrine to show my love for her, but that might creep her out, so I won't.

So yes.

I love you PR. <3

I will sit next to you during Ironman.
In the dark.


parallel rebellion said...

*starts reconsidering Ironman*

I less than OO

OO = infinity, nigger -_-


qυяяαт said...

You people and racism.

i lvoe PR too


Wolfie Mozart said...

haha, this is like an extended orkut testimonial! (not that that's a badthing)


Opinionated Jaahil said...

I miss orkut 'testis'.

parallel rebellion said...

I feel loved.

Ali said...

testis? :P

Opinionated Jaahil said...

Yes, testis.=p
write me a testi days.
i miss them=p

i'd like to make my love for you felt sadia, id like it very much....=p

PR said...

I'm not sure I like the sound of that.

Opinionated Jaahil said...

Don't decide before you've experienced it....