Tuesday, June 17, 2008

These mistakes you made, you'll just make 'em again-

Read My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult last night, and the ending made me cry.


It might just be added to my list of favourite book. I like Jodi Picoult, she writes commercial bestsellers, but they're not trashy. I don't think they are anyway. They're not Sidney Sheldons, or Danielle Steeles or Mills & Boons romances.

Some of my favourite parts from the book:

"Why are terms of endearment always foods? Honey, cookie, sugar, pumpkin. It's not like caring about someone is enough to actually sustain you."

"Shooting stars are not stars at all. They're just rocks that enter the atmosphere and catch fire under friction. What we wish on, when we see one, is just a trail of debris."

"There are somethings we do because we convince ourselves it would be better for everyone involved. We tell ourselves that it's the right thing to do, the altruistic thing to do. It's far easier than telling ourselves the truth."

"Life sometimes gets so bogged down in the details, you forget you are living it. There is always another appointment to be met, another bill to pay, another symptom presenting, another uneventful day to be notched onto the wooden wall. We have synchronized our watches, studied our calendars, existed in minutes, and completely forgotten to step back and see what we've accomplished."

"There are stars in the night sky that look brighter than the others, and when you look at them through a telescope you realise you are looking at twins. The two stars rotate around each other, sometimes taking nearly a hundred years to do it. They create so muh gravitational pull there's no room round for anything else. You might see a blue star, for example, and realise only later that it has a white dwarf as a companion- that the first one shines so bright, by the time you notice the second one, it's really too late."

There are obviously more, but I loved these.=)



Hated The Ending. It practically killed the whole book.

the Irony.

Opinionated Jaahil said...

It made me cry. Why did she kill Anna?=(

qυяяαт said...

Jodi Picoult rocks.

Wolfie Mozart said...

the fourth quote is completely lovable <3 it almost comforted me as i read!

El Nombre said...

Jodi Picoult= \m/

ps: it's arwa. i'm on blog ispot now. high five.