Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pre Valentine's Whine.

I was actually looking forward to V day in a high school setting. I was well prepared for it too, you know, I'd even selected the couples I'd make fun of. ( All of them, if you'd like to know.)

Valentine's days in my life, ever since I discovered their..err... "significance", have been disasterous. Seriously. I miss the days of my childhood, when I went to Park Towers one V day and saw a "Couples Karaoke Competition" going on, and didn't know what to make of it. I also didn't know why my mum was being so disdainful. What I did know, however, that Iris and With or Without You got throughly raped by "couples". It has been ingrained into my memory forever.

Anyhoo, so on to disasterous V days. Oh, from where do I start the tale of my misfortunes. Three crappy V days in a row. All because of the same idiot. The things we do, and regret, in life. I don't see how I could let a sexist moron playing tonsil hockey with someone else on Valentine's while calling me his "girlfriend" ruin it for me. Honestly. My judgements in the past are beyond my comprehension now. Rewind, and kick me.

So anyway, this Valentine's day, no issues whatsoever. And a plan for immense fun. Thwarted by my friend telling me that during our time in Lyceum, the wretched day of love falls on Saturday this year, and Sunday the next. Which made me very, very sad, and I missed the balloons from my birthday because they were pretty and made me happy. So I don't get to see V day nonsense at Lyceum. Dayem=(

No matter. I will collect my posse of single friends, and go over to, *drumrolls* PARK TOWERS.
I'm sure we'll find plenty to point and laugh at. Otherwise, keep the balloons ready.


Tinuviel said...

Dammit I think I'll be joining you this year.
Remember last V Day? =/

Dreaminglass said...

*Brings you some cheese*

It's to go with your WHINE.

Opinionated Jaahil said...

Yes I do. Other people don't need to know about it. HAHAHAHA WE WERE SOOO SAD AND DEPRESSED MAYNN.=P

Mani. Tum kitnay funny ho? Waisey ho tou kaafi funny...So, bad attempt at sarcasm. =\