Friday, February 6, 2009

When I Bunk Class.

When I went to school in the morning today, I went with the knowledge that I had not done my socio homework. I was also aware of the fact that the homework had been given to be by Bitch-Socio-Teacher-From-Hell, who hates me, and whose class I hate with a passion. The other two teachers are fine, ( especially the hot one. She's hot. And I'm slightly gay.)but this one has major issues.

So I don't go to my 8:40 am class. I instead, decide that I will do my homework in the first and second periods(which were from 8 to 9:20) then go to the 10 am class. Except that, change of events. I met people, I got distracted, I didn't feel upto it. Hence, I ended up not going to class, not doing my homework and not going to the 10 am class either.

After which, we had history. Now our history teacher has decided to make a quick run to the Maldives because she's fucking sick of our faces. Who wouldn't be, if they have to teach people like DS. So, I realised that the last time she wasn't there, the same bitch socio teacher had decided to fill in for her. And I thought *OMGWTF*. I sneaked up to my history class, to check if bitch teacher with extremely shrill, annoying voice and a tendency to repeat herself 10 times was there. She wasn't. Then Maryam, more commonly known as Squeaky, announced that we were, in fact, supposed to watch a movie today in History Teacher's absent. And I thought *hallejullah!*. So far, so good. The whole class went upstairs to the AV room, which seems to be the favourite room of the whole school. Something to do with the fact that it is the nicest room in school into which students are allowed access. Just when we were about to enter the AV room, this weird dude from the library, who goes * SHHHHHHHHHHH* every time you even sneeze, blocked our entry. And started interrogating us. The exchange was as follows:

Freaky Dude: Kyuun aaye ho yahan?
Me: Movie dekhnee hai.
FD: Kisi se poocha hai?
Me: Miss Aisha se.
FD: Unhon ne permission dee?
Me: *getting irritated* haan.
FD: Kaunsee movie dekhnee hai?
Me: * A porno, you fucktard.* Pata nai.
FD: Tou phir andar nai aayein abhi aap loag.
Me: *wanting to kick guys in balls.*

*enter Squeaky*

Squeaky: People! SD is going to take our class, go downstairs! ( SD being bitch teacher.)
Me: Oh shit. I'm not going to class.

So I decided I'd bunk history too. Except that history didn't happen, eventually, so yay?

Basically, I went to only one class today. I feel like I wasted my day. Oh well, worth it.


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