Saturday, February 7, 2009

So Pointless.

This is a pointless blog post. It is as pointless as a loser in a banyaan trying to hit on me. Or him thinking that trying to shove food into my mouth will win him my affection. (There IS such a loser at my school, who has the ghastly habit of trying to shove food into the mouths of his potential paramours. I am not even joking.)
But, as pointless as this post is, it's my blog. I can be as pointless on it as I like. So suck it bitchezz.

I apologize for my lack of eloquence.

I didn't get to go to the Kamila Shamsie book launch, surprise surprise. I was, instead, dragged off to my pupho's, where I was told off for displaying 3 inches of leg, told I was a heretic, and predictions were made about my afterlife. ( I am to suffer eternal damnation, just so you know. For the legs, and for the nails. God hates me.)My sister, who was in a sleeveless shalwar kameez, got to hear worse. Not only is she going to hell, she is going to be in Dante's 7th circle of the wretched place. I think I might go into the 3rd or 4th. So I'm still better off, I suppose. (h)

Went to Ataka's house today. Was a whole lot of fun. We almost peed in our pants laughing, but stopped just in time. We also sat in her bathtub, and took pictures. Fully clothed, mind you. ( stop trying to conjure up sick mental images, you perverted bastards) I love the Japani-ness of that girl. I think I'll marry her. Besides, she has this awesome smelling hairspray which can totally be used as body spray. Ok fine, that's just me trying to cover up what I did. Here is what happened:

Me: * Happily sprays on nice smelling "body spray" in Ataka's bathroom*
Me: * stops* WHAT?
Ataka: *falls down laughing*
Ataka: Yeah it does. But it's hairspray.
Me: It doesnt SAY so.
Ataka: It does!
Ataka: HERE!
Me: That's in Japanese. Loser.
Ataka: Oh...yeah...

And the following exchange should make a certain someone very happy:

Ataka: You want a foot massage?
Me: No.
Ataka: Are you SURE you don't want one? I'll give you a foot massage you know.

Foot massages lead to a lot else. Maybe Ataka's finally leaning towards homosexuality, in which case, I should also change my orientation. Perfectissimo it would be.

I'm supposed to be studying, but I'm blogging pointlessly. How awesomely awesome am I? Got Crime and Punishment today. I like it so far. Let's see how we proceed.

Pointlessness over.


Ali said...

pointlessness is cool. But alan shore is awesome. I will become alan shore!

Opinionated Jaahil said...

You wish. =P

Majaz said...

Haye Allah, my socio kids hated me too.. but that was because I ended up teaching them instead of letting them run mad and loose in the university.


arataster said...

Crime and Punishment be the most kickass book I have ever read.