Saturday, February 14, 2009

Twlight Bashin'

I have a friend who hates Twilight so much, he read all four books just so he could bash it.
He texted me a while ago saying:

Twilight keeps getting better. Bella the village hick is now a vampire who exhibits an uncanny controld over her thirst. The Demon baby who rips out of her womb is a few weeks old. Her Edward rebound Red Indian turned werewolf is madly in love with demon baby.

That woman wrote drug fuelled trash.

He forgot to mention how Jacob practically moved in with the Cullens.


Bakemono-Imo said...

Wow! It sounds like a great book to read. I'll try to grab a copy. :)

And I would ask who Jacob is... but, No Spoilers Onegai&Arigato

Majaz said...

I love his summary!! I HATED the movie!

mehreenkasana said...


It sucked sooooo bad, man. Sooo bad.

Dreaminglass said...

You don't know how to spell twilight.